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“The shn foods are Europe's one of the largest importers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of Indian & Asian Foodstuff and groceries with a vast range to offer.”

Since its inception in the year 2000, we are bringing quality products from India and other countries to fulfill all kinds of needs in Indian & Asian Kitchens Finest Quality at Lowest Possible Prices

We are specialized in Basmati Rice, Wheat Flour, Powder & Whole Spices, Cooking Pastes, Mango Pulp, Chutney, Indian Ethnic Food and much more.

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The company’s Founder and Chairman, Suresh Narula, a indian who arrived to Germany with nothing more than a pair of jeans and $200 in his pocket. He was forced to work odd jobs before opening a small grocery shop in hopes of serving the growing indian and asian population in Germany.

During his struggle time in Germany he had experienced the need for an Indian grocery store that was easily accessible and offered products at reasonable prices.To fill this gap, he open a small grocery shop.

That one small shop grew into the SHN FOODS GROUP, which now operates Exclusive distribution, retail stores across Germany, and employs over 25 employees. SHN FOODS has become a recognized major provider of imported grocery and food items from india,pakistan and other part of Asia.

Over the past decade, The SHN FOODS Group has aggressively expanded its business scope beyond importation of grocery items to packed foods.

The SHN FOODS Group has been successful in forming alliances with quality and significant businesses that are major producers and processors of grocery and food items in India, Pakistan, Srilanka and other asian nations. These alliances have enhanced the capability of SHN FOODS Group to deliver quality, unique, new and traditional food items to its Europe customer base at low cost and with reliable delivery efficiency.

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